Welcome to Poltava!

Besides comfortable accommodation hotel “SINAI” offers a fascinating tours:

• Guided city tour.

• Trip across the Poltava Battlefield and Poltava Battle Museum.

• "Literary Poltava". The manor of I. P. Kotliarevskui, museums of Panas Myrnyi and V. G. Korolenko.

• Excursion to the Aviation Museum.

• "Spiritual Poltava". Holy Cross Monastery, the Uspenskyi Cathedral, Spass Church, Makariev Church.

You’ll never forget excursions to the historical places of Poltava:

• "Homeland of N. V. Gogol". The manorin Gogolevo, Dykanka, Nikolaevska Church where Gogol was christened, Kochubeevski Church.

• "Poltava region Folk art”. The Museum of pottery in Opishnia, Local Lore Museum, Museum of folk art in Reshetylivka.

• "The capital of ancient Scythia - Helon". Kotelva area, Belsk.

• National "Sorochinskyi fair", in August each year.